या संकेतस्थळावर आपणास गरजेच्या सर्व Facts मिळतील.

“To fix in memory by means of frequent repetition.” That certainly is the essence of what we mean by rote memorization.

Repetition, in fact, is not only the easiest way to learn something, it often is the only way to learn something. Today’s public educators, of course, look down on rote learning and consider it akin to a form of child abuse. Imagine, forcing a child to actually memorize something! They see rote learning as an old-fashioned teaching method associated with birch rods, dunce caps and other quaint paraphernalia of the strict, disciplinarian educational practices of the past.

Rote learning is also important in learning to read, for the most important task in learning to read an alphabetic writing system is to develop a phonetic reflex, which is easy to do by drilling the learner in the letter-sound combinations. This is the way it was done in ancient times and the way it was done decades ago in America when literacy was much higher than it is today.

Why we are dowing this simplest form for learning?

Answer : Exam like UPSC, MPSC and other such kind of exam expect from us to memorize all the factual data to clear the competitive exams.

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