The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

It is an independent constitutional body. Articles 315 to 323 in Part XIV of the Constitution contain elaborate provisions regarding the composition, appointment, and removal of members along with the independence, powers, and functions of the UPSC.


UPSC consists of a chairman and other members appointed by the
president of India. The Constitution, without specifying the strength of the
Commission has left the matter to the discretion of the president, who
determines its composition. Usually, the Commission consists of nine to
eleven members including the chairman.
in Short😊

(1 Chairman + other ) (other=9 to 11 members)


Six years or until they attain the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier
in Short 😉 (UPSC=6/65 years) , (SPSC=6/62 years)

Articles related to UPSC

Article No. Subject-matter
315 Public Service Commissions for the Union and for the states
316 Appointment and term of office of members
317 Removal and suspension of a member of a Public Service Commission
318 Power to make regulations as to conditions of service of members and staff of the Commission
319 Prohibition as to the holding of office by members of commission on ceasing to be such members
320 Functions of Public Service Commissions
321 Power to extend functions of Public Service Commissions
322 Expenses of Public Service Commissions
323 Reports of Public Service Commissions