List of Books during Mughal Era

Mughals was great in many aspects such as architecture, literature, science, administrative efficiency, etc. In Mughal period the literature was on peak.

Evolution of Indian Literature Urdu

  • Urdu emerged as an independent langauge towards the end of the 4th century AD.
  • The earliest Urdu poet is supposed to be Khusrau (1253-1325).
  • He started writing as a poet in the reign of Sultan Balban and was a follower of Nizam ud-din Auliya.
  • Babar and Humauan were lovers of literature.
  • Babar was himself a great scholar of Persian .
  • His book Tuzek-e-Babari which is highly esteemed by the Turkish Literature.
  • Urdu literature started developing during the last days of the Mughal emperor
  • This credit goes to Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan and Mirza Galib.
  • His compositions inspired the other urdu writer Mirza Galib, who was a famous poet of his time.
  • Mirza Galib made an important contribution to uplift Urdu poetry

Evolution of Indian Literature Persian and Arabic

  • Arabic and Persian were introduced in India with the coming of the Turks and the Mongols.
  • Humayun got the treatise translated into Arabic.
  • He too was a lover of learning and had establihsed a big Library. Humayun Nama, tops the books written in his times.
  • Persian remained the court langage for many centuries. Urdu as a language was born out of the interaction between Hindi and Persian .
  • Akbar was very fond of leaning. ‘Akbar Nama’, Sur Sagar, Ram Charitamanas are prominent among the books written during his time.
  • Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s Padmavat and Keshav’s Ram Chandrika were also written during the same period.
  • Jahangir greatly patronized literature.

Patronage for literature during various rulers has been given example Babur -> Humayun -> Akbar -> Salim -> Shah Jahan -> Aurangzeb -> later Mughals

Following are list of Books, their authors and context of book is given

Title Written By Context
Tuzuk E Babari Babar About the Reign of Babar, Techniques used by armed forces and ruling system.
Akbar Nama Sekh Abul Fazal History at the time of Akbar.
Tuzuk E Zahangir Mohammad Khan History at the time of Zahangir.
Alamagir Nama Munsi Miraz Muhammad Kazin About the ruling system of Aurangazeeb.
Humayun Nama Gulbadan Begum About the ruling system at the reign of Humayun.
Tarikh E Akbari Abul Fazal About the Reign of Akbar.
Badshah Nama Abdul Hamid About the Reign of Shah Zahan.
Shahzahan Nama Mohammad Sali About the Reign of Shah Zahan.
Shahzahanama Inaio Khan About the Reign of Shah Zahan.
Tahakik E Hind Albiruni Albiruni was an Asian Pandit, who wrotes about Das Emperor.
Tarikh E Firozshah Samsi History of Tughlak’s.
Fatah Zahandari Ziauddin About the reign of Tughlak Emperor.
Tarikh E Firoz Shah Baruni About the reign of Firozshah Tughlak.
Khamas Amir Khusro Literature and poetries.
Shahnamh Firdousi About the reign period of Mohammad Ghazni.
Ain E Sikandari Amir Khusro Best book of Literature.