Wars During Modern Indian History

Anglo-French Carnatic Wars

Name Period Result
1. First Carnatic War 1746-48 Ended by Treaty of Aix-La Chapelle in Europe. It was a drawn struggle.  
2. Second Carnatic War 1750-54 English had an edge over the French.
3. Third Carnatic War 1758-63 Ended by the Treaty of Paris. The British won a decisive victory over the French in India.

Anglo-Mysore Wars

1. First Mysore War 1767-69 Ended by Treaty of Madras. Haider Ali had an edge over the English.
2. Second Mysore War 1780-84 Ended by Treaty of Mangalore, it was a drawn struggle.
3. Third Mysore War 1790-92 Ended by Treaty of Seringapatam. Tipu Sultan lost
4. Fourth Mysore War 1799 Tipu died in the War. Mysore lost its independence.

Anglo-Maratha Wars

1. First Maratha War 1776-82 Ended by Treaty of Salbai. It was a drawn struggle.
2. Second Maratha War 1803-06 The Company concluded separate treaties with Scindia, Bhonsle and Holkar. The English had an edge over the Marathas.
3. Third Maratha War 1817-18 Maratha defeat was complete. Peshwa’s territories annexed to British India.

Anglo-Burman Wars

1. First Burman War 1824-26 Ended by Treaty of Yandaboo. The British annexed Arakan and Tenasserim.
2. Second Burman War 1852 The British annexed Rangoon and Lower Burma.
3. Third Burman War 1885 Annexation of Upper Burma. Burma lost its independence.

Anglo-Afghan Wars

1. First Afghan War 183942 The invasion of Afganistan was a failure. Dost Mohammed became the new Amir of Afganistan.
2. Second Afghan War 1878-80 The British invasion of Afganistan was a failure. Abdur Rehman became the new Amir.

Anglo-Sikh Wars

1. First Sikh War 184546 Ended by the Treaty of Lahore. The Sikhs lost territory and prestige also.
2. Second Sikh War 184849 The Sikh State collapsed. Punjab was annexed to British India.